Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things you should know in checking car engine oil

Engine OilMany car owners specially those working in inbound call centers do not know how to check their car’s engine oil. Having more budgets for the maintenance, they just bring the cars to certified car mechanics or well known auto shops. On the other hand some owner graced to have cars by purchasing it in car auction. It means they are using second hand or used cars.

Normally, if the cars are second hand or used, you do not have the opportunity on its manual. Japanese used cars most of the time is sold in “as is where is basis”. While known used cars distributor have it certified with private car certification company like AA. I bet even first hand car owner did not bother reading the manual. It could be not your interest or simply the time do not permit.

So if you have new or pre-owned vehicles, it is very important that you know the meaning of engine oil levels and the implication of its colors. This is simple yet important not only to saves but also for the sake of your safety. Here we go with the descriptions of engine oil level. This is done by pulling the small bar that is dip in your vehicles. Wipe this small bar with cloth to dry and put it back inside engine oil storage. Then pull it again and here are the possible scenarios;

  1. If the level is full or almost full then you do not need to worry. You still have 1 or 2 more months to wait.
  2. If you see a bit lower from the bar indicator, replacement is not required yet schedule a replacement after 1 month.
  3. Check the oil condition: full out some oil and check it personally
  • If the color of the oil is black or too black already, you should run to the nearest store and buy engine oil replacement.
  • If the oil is still slightly-brown, then you are still no problem for the next two months.
  • If the color of your oil is dark-brown and transparent. It is still usable for 1 month but if you have enough budget, replace the oil right away.
  • If the color has white coloring, it means some engine coolant is now mixed with the engine oil. If the color is white it means the engine coolant mixes with your oil and you badly needed a replacement. Before changing your oil ask the mechanics to check for possible engine problem immediately.



  1. Thanks to provide the information through the nice article. We will try to follow that. I agree that we should have some knowledge about the engine before purchasing the used car.

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