Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption of your Car

Nowadays, we frequently hear news about price increase in gasoline. If however, the news about lowering prices due to change in global barrel, dealers or distributors especially big players like Petron Corporation, Shell and Caltex including new player s like PTT Company for instance are reluctant to reduce their prices right away. They never run out of reasons if the media or the government asks as to why they cannot roll back their prices.

Many will reason out that their stock was purchased when the price is at its peak, that’s why they have to sell their gasoline with the current prices in order to make up for investment; but still the question remains if this reason is really true as they could have easily taken the opportunity to bulk up their stock during the "low price- per barrel" period in the world market.

As consumers, we are mere hostages and we cannot do anything about it. Control of fuel price is in the hands of the government, the source country (Middle East i.e. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) and the fuel merchants / distributors. What we can do however, is to take some measures in ourselves in order to save fuel and virtually spend less time driving.

Follow these simple steps to save up on that precious fuel.

  • Control your acceleration habit. Number one saver of gasoline is controlling your acceleration habits. You might be busy and always in the rush so you turn in your driving skills rather than time management skills. When you accelerate, you do it naturally and smoothly. You make sure that it is not traffic or you are not in the situation of taking a better position during traffics. Constant acceleration and sudden break wasted both your gasoline and tires. If you notice the road is going downward, press on the clutch for old version used cars while level the speed of free fall with your automatic cars. Brand new and used cars have automatic suspension now. If you set to lower gear while the free fall is more faster, you will not get gasoline saving and you wasted the opportunity of getting the acceleration once the road level to the plain.
  • Frequent Maintenance of your vehicle. Problematic vehicles which usually happen if not tune up for longer period often times have erroneous fuel burning. This is more expensive because it could double your gasoline spending.
  • Regular checkup or replacement of fuel filters. Change your air or fuel filter regularly. A dirty filter will cause unsatisfactory performance on combustion which eventually decrease your fuel mileage and deduct years in your engines service. Bring your used cars to the nearest car mechanics or auto shops for check up and possible repair. Filter is normally cost up to $10 USD while mechanics fee is about $5 dollar. This is cheaper than spending gasoline.

Lastly, manage your time wisely to avoid traffics. Travel early morning or leave your office late night and you will enjoy driving will less streets competition.



  1. We really need to reduce fuel consumption. Oil prices are soaring high again.
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