Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jaguar S Type Parts Suspension and Availability

In the year 1999, a new Jaguar model was launched, which is called the jaguar s type parts. The people behind this particular model have integrated the traditional and popular design of the well-liked 1960’s MK2 and the first S Type Jaguar. Other characteristic features of this model, to name a few, are the curved rear roof line, radiator grill, leather and wood dash interiors and high performance engines.

The positioning of the logo badge is also different in a way since this new S-type’s badge is positioned just within the radiator grille. In contrast, the logo badge of the first jaguar s type parts
are located on the bonnet. However, there are also S-types at the present which followed the earlier versions of MK2’s and jaguar s type parts by positioning the logo on the bonnet.

The S-types manufactured between 1999 and 2002, however, had problems when it comes to the suspension and brake systems. As a result of these troubles, lower ball joints have a propensity to wear down easily. Thus, car owners needed to purchase a completely new suspension set at a very costly price, usually at around £375 per side. Presently though, the upper and lower ball joints are already sold separately as after-sale products. Careful installation of these parts is very much required though.

A very much needed modification in the suspension layout of the jaguar s type parts was done in the year 2002. This time, instead of making use of separate cross members, the suspension was mounted on the sub frame. This latest design made use of a two-piece lower wishbone, and an inverted lower ball joint. This, together with new design new dampers and springs, has greatly improved the car’s handling.

Some problems, however, still remained. This has tediously required car owners to replace the jaguar car parts in regular intervals. One of the problems is associated to the anti-roll bar bushes, which, despite a lot of revisions in the design, still remains problematic. Also, the upper and lower wishbones, which are made of alloy, are still being replaced with a complete assembly since individual used car parts are not yet available. Needless to say, this is quite expensive. This is the case currently, as of this article’s writing.

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