Monday, January 2, 2012

IBC Japan Wishes You a Prosperous New Year in 2012

IBC Japan wishes to thank you for your continued support this past year and we join you and your family in welcoming a successful and prosperous New Year in 2012! This year, you can look forward to more IBC programs and improvements geared towards giving you the most pleasant and profitable buying experience possible, including: Buy More, Save More! IBC re-launches our exclusive awards program allowing you to earn cash credit for each vehicle you buy - and the amount you earn per purchase increases as you buy more! The credit you earn may be used the same as cash on future purchases with IBC. iDirect Lite! A faster iDirect experience for your purchasing from auctions in Japan. Enjoy simpler user interfaces, more streamlined process flows, and increased overall performance! iDirect auctions in the UK! You can purchase direct from auctions and approved vendors and lease companies. You can buy vehicles not normally available for export from Japan, including a large selection of diesel passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Inventory from the UK and from auction can be purchased in GBP or your normal forex currency of choice (USD, Euro, NZD, or AUD) depending on your country settings. Make sure to visit our website often and stay in touch with your account managers as we will be adding more programs and features as the year progresses. Do not hesitate to email me direct or at You may also call us at +81 75 622 5091 - we will be on hand to respond to your queries 24/7! Wishing you the best and looking forward to assisting you in all your vehicle importing needs for 2012!