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Car Buying Tips From a Seasoned Pro!

One of my passions in the past has been the art of automotive science. Over our lifetime I have explored, studied, kept up about the latest automotive engineering with a vengeance. My friends and I used to play the particular "name that car model game" as we drove around the various roads all around the USA. 

It was an aggressive game between us to see who can correctly identify the make/model of a car that was drawing near us before the other guy, all pertaining to bragging rights. The bingo may seem trivial with a folks but to the of you auto lovers it makes perfect sense. I really thought I'd create a quick post along with share a few tips in what I've learned through the years of buying and marketing a number of cars.

So you've got made the decision to exchange that old clunker that's served you and your family so well. Because of so many choices in today's car world where can you start? Unfortunately through my personal experience there are many than a few car dealerships that still play the questionable games. Although with the arrival of the internet most well armed buyers have more than enough resources to be able to level the playing field between them and the dealer.Hopefully by the time it comes to look for your new trip you have some idea of what type/make/model of car you are looking for. If you need assistance with this specific there are some great sites you can utilize. is a good resource to help you analysis different makes and models and has a consumer ratings/feedback section which you could read other vehicle owners reviews of that specific vehicle.
Once you have refined it down to the specific make and model, I would recommend by using a top online vehicle classified site such as,

Autotrader is one of the best websites out there via my personal experience, although there are certainly other excellent sites I would start with them as they appear to have the broadest stock of new and utilized vehicles of any website I've researched. Watch out, unless you have a using up desire to be the first butt to warm the particular leather... save yourself a lot of money and but a bit used! Automobiles aren't a good investment and they depreciate up to 50% with in a few years of ownership. I recommend purchasing a pre-owned automobile that's two to three years old and it has under 30,1000 miles on the odometer.

You could possibly ask why two to three years old and below 30k miles
? Good query, most manufacturers use a bumper to fender warranty that covers any defects or even problems for four years as well as 50k miles whatever will come first. By purchasing your automobile with 30k or a smaller amount miles and two to a few years old, you still have a reasonable cushion to drive your new ride and still be protected. If you purchase your new car from a brand-new car dealer they will often even certify that one car for up to the 100k mile warranty but that does improve the retail price of the automobile.

Now that you have found a car you really like and so are willing to drive for that foreseeable future its time to barter a price. With the creation of the internet one can research nationwide to find the vehicle of your dreams. I have professionally purchased cars all over the country and had them shipped to my residence with great success. Shipping to most parts of the country expenses between $500 to $1000 based on the distance.

Car rates can vary greatly from one area of the country to the other as well as whether the car is being offered through a vendor or a private social gathering. I would recommend using a website like Kelly Orange Book or, you can look up the complete pricing for your vehicle based on the year, make, and particular model. KBB will then give you a approximated price range based on a few pricing levels; from suppliers or trade-in, private get together, and retail supplier pricing.
If you decide to purchase from a dealer, I'd personally stay away from the "our best price" model some dealers make use of. Usually with a little discussing you can find that same car for quite a bit less some where else. I negotiate the price I would like to pay using the KBB wholesale pricing. Its a sensible way to always low basketball the dealer/private party and also who knows, maybe these are motivated enough to offer you the car in a wholesale price.

Another very important aspect to buying a pre-owned automobile, obtain a research report on the automobile before committing! and are two of the top vehicle history reporting providers. They will run you a written report that details it's entire history so that you will have peace of mind concerning any accidents, title discrepancies, flood/hail damage, salvage identify, service history in that particular automobile.

Here is a summary to a intelligent automobile purchasing encounter:
If you can, purchase a a little used or pre-owned automobile and save a lot of money!
If your not sure of your next horseless carriage, utilize a good car research/review site.
Utilize a very good car classified plan to search nationwide because prices/inventory vary across the country. Look for cars that are 2-3 years old and have under 30k kilometers on the odometer.
Look for vehicles that are 2-3 years old and also have under 30k miles around the odometer.
Negotiate the price having a automobile pricing guide service and start using the wholesale price.
Before buying your next bucket of bolts, make sure it's not! Use a car research service to review the history or you could possibly be sorry.

Do not be scared to purchase your next car from someone out of state. Shipping is relatively uncomplicated and easy to set up.
I think you'll find value in this post and from my personal experiences purchasing as well as selling a number of cars over the past twenty in addition years. If you does enjoy this article don't hesitate to re-tweet it and leave a new comment below, I really appreciate your comments.

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