Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recommended Tools for car containerization

Containerization services

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To offset and minimize shipping delays for customers due to the recurring shortages of Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) shipping space, IBC Japan has developed and expanded its containerization services in our pre-export processing centers in Japan. Containerized shipping space is currently more readily available than RoRo for used car exports from Japan. Developing containerized loading therefore allows IBC Japan to expand the customers' shipping options and helps minimize unnecessary delays.

Our containerization operations follow the best practices of the industry and ensure that vehicles are properly handled and secured against unnecessary damage. Our containerization personnel are experienced and trained professionals who use only proper tools and equipment specifically designed for loading and unloading vehicles into containers.

Stuffing (loading/vanning) process

Vehicles are secured to the floor with lumber tire stoppers which are nailed to the wooden floorboards. Vehicles that need to be elevated or will require inclination are handled using special forklifts which position the vehicle to the desired angle or height. Once positioned, the vehicle's emergency brakes and steering wheel are locked and the transmission gear engaged. To secure the vehicle further, a network of wire slings, hanging belts and specially constructed lumber supports are put in place to secure the vehicle from all angles. Vehicles sitting at floor level are firmly secured with tire stops for all wheels and several belts fastened to strategic chassis points and attached to the container.

Lever Block | AD8 Buckles | Special Belt material | Strapping equipment
Heat treated lumber | for maximum strength | Special claspers and wire sling

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