Monday, December 21, 2009

High Risk Drivers

High Risk Drivers are those who have committed several accidents in the road, DUI, inexperience drivers, students and etc.
If you are driving in a high way with too much speed or you have been into more accidents in the road, student drivers, motor vehicle drivers may end up getting caught by the cops and arrested for any road violations, driving under the influence of alcohol or etc., you are now fall into a category of High Risk Driver. If the cops arrested you or suspended your drivers license, of course you have to provide proofs to get your license back. In order to satisfy the court, you have to provide them with a certification called SR-2 Certification by the high risk insurer. 
Your driving record will determine if you qualify for insurability and what are your risks to determine your premium to most insurance companies.
 Insurance companies that provides substandard high risks to the high risk drivers.
Your insurance rates may depend on your driving record. A lot of insurers are basing on their clients' driving records and that will raise your auto insurance rates if you have gained a lot of points. However, you can erase these points of you renew or change your policy by attending to driving schools and etc.


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