Thursday, December 24, 2009

Used Auto Sales - News

According to the International Auto Trade News South Africa became the largest used car export destination for Japan. The exported volume of sales used auto from Japan to South Africa totaled 8,011 units which has increased 44% compared from last year defeating the United Arad Emirates which used to be the largest destination for sales  Japanese used auto.

New used auto sales of Japanese vehicles to North America are beginning to recover. In North America Japanese car makers has shown a sign of recovery, Nissan vehicles being shipped to North America has increased 27% and totaled 31,044 units, Mazda increased 29.7% and Mistubishi Motors has increased 17.7%. The sale increased mainly because of the popularity of the low fuel efficient cars has become stronger.

The all new Toyota Camry will be made locally in Australia; the car will be on sale next year 2010 February. Approximately 10,000 units will be made and 300 units will be exported to New Zealand. Toyota has received fund from the Australian government AUS $1.3billion to start this project.


  1. That is a great opportunity, Japan has lots of cars. Bringing it to Africa would be good.

  2. Thats a lot of cars compared to last years UAE's. But would it turn out well?


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